This page is purely for you, as poetry writers / readers to ask and answer questions.

As per every other page of this blog, I will be keeping an eye on comments so please be nice to each other… but then you’re writers, I wouldn’t expect anything less. 🙂

2 responses to “Q&A

  1. What are the consequences of publishing?

    • Hello Gren. Thank you for your question. It depends how your poem is published. If it’s on a personal (e.g. your own) blog then it’s going to appear to a relatively limited audience who will ‘like’ and / or comment on it, so useful for feedback. While as a guest on another blog for no payment, someone has decided that your poem is worthy of sharing but it does mean then that you can’t enter it into competitions or submit to places where they want exclusivity. If it published in a magazine or wins a competition then the kudos is higher because your poem has been chosen, probably, over others’. Regardless of where your poem is published, the outlet will appreciate you telling your Facebook friends, Twitter followers etc. that it’s been published to advertise their site / magazine / competition.
      If you self-publish a collection then you have to advertise more often and to a wider audience (without say “please buy my book”) in order to generate sales. You will be a little fish in an ocean of chattering fish so will have to bark (nicely!) in order to be heard. This is where guesting on other blogs comes in handy, especially with the likes of interviews, guest posts etc so the audience gets to know (and like) you and want to go off and buy your book. You can also do tours: online (at various writing-related sites), in person (libraries, bookshops etc) and if you’re traditionally published, while you have the backing of a publisher (still higher kudos than self-publishing because again, it’s recognition by a peer / peers) they will usually have a limited marketing budget with which to promote you. They will obviously take a chunk of your profits for the privilege so it’s up to you whether you feel that would be worth it. Agents usually take 15% but can get you a better deal, although they tend to work with novels rather than poetry because it is a less lucrative market. I’d recommend you buy the Writer’s & Artist’s Yearbook (2017 came out in August) or Writer’s Market. I hope that helps but feel free to ask further.

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