Poetry Writing Exercises 735: Wednesday 11th November

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Here are your four poetry exercises for today. Time yourself for 15 minutes per exercise, having a break in between each one or move on to the next.  When you’ve finished, do pop over to this blog’s Facebook Group and let everyone know how you got on.

735 writer 18774Below are the four – you can do them in any order.

  1. Keywords: taste, new, father, crisp, miracle
  2. Random: pushing the boundaries
  3. Picture: what does this inspire?
  4. Sentence start: Tripping up…

Have fun, and if you would like to, do paste your writing in the comment boxes below so we can see how you got on! Remember though that it counts as being published so don’t post anything that you would want to submit elsewhere (where they require unpublished material).

See below for explanations of the prompts, they do vary…

  • Sentence starts = what it says on the tin. You can use it at the beginning of the poem or include it later, and being poetry it doesn’t have to be exact – just be inspired by it.
  • Keywords = the words have to appear in the poem but can be in any order and can be lengthened (e.g. clap to clapping).
  • Single-word prompt = sometimes all it takes is one word to spawn an idea. Sometimes it easy, sometimes hard but invariably fun.
  • Mixed bag = an object, a location, a colour.
  • Picture prompts = nothing other than a picture. What does it conjure up?
  • Title = The title for your piece.
  • Haiku poem= 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables
  • Random = whatever takes my fancy!


  • Don’t forget your five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell
  • Show don’t tell: if your character is angry, don’t tell us he is, have him thumping his fist on the table.
  • Colours: Include at least one colour in your story. It does add depth.
  • Use strong verbs and avoid adverbs: Have a character striding instead of walking confidently.
  • Only use repetition to emphasise.
  • When you’ve finished the first draft, read the story out loud. It’s surprising how many ‘mistakes’ leap out at you when you read out loud… assuming you have any of course!

Pictures courtesy of morguefile.com

I love to talk about writing so feel free to email me. I’ll be pasting these prompts in this blog’s Facebook Group so you may find some other comments there.

If you’d like to submit a poem for critique on this site, see Submissions. The other critique writing groups are:

Morgen’s Online Non-Fiction Writing Group

Morgen’s Online Novel Writing Group

Morgen’s Online Short Story Writing Group

Morgen’s Online Script Writing Group

Thank you for reading this and we look forward to your comments.


One response to “Poetry Writing Exercises 735: Wednesday 11th November

  1. 1.Yoke
    It would be a miracle to taste
    A crisp, delicate cookie–no haste
    And something new for my senses
    While I see through rose-colored lenses
    My Father may not approve
    But being an object isn’t my groove
    On from one thing to the next
    There isn’t much flavor, the text
    It’s only an outline at best
    The actual outcome? I beat on my chest
    To declare there’s no hair there
    Only two boob-a-lie things
    That jiggle as I walk-joy brings
    But even the comedy of that
    Doesn’t keep me flat on my back
    Nope! It might give me a heart attack!
    Can’t help if they bounce around
    Even so, I keep them in place-bound
    Since I care not be seen as a joke
    Give me a partner and strap on the yoke!

    2.Pushing the Boundaries
    As I’m pushing the boundaries of my existence
    All I do is repeat wash and rinse
    That’s really all there is to it
    Ya just have to get out and do it!
    Most of the boundaries are in our minds
    People, places, and things we’re tied
    Only to trade them for other nouns
    Can’t help but wander homeward bound
    But really, home is where the heart is
    And mine’s been everywhere, it seems
    Therefore, for the being time
    I’d like to sit around and rhyme!
    It gives my mind and body a break
    While I ponder what happened to my earthquake
    That shook my world to utter crumble
    Yet sprinkled it with sugared apple
    And the taste was still delicious
    Even after the deserted mess
    I’m not a damsel in distress
    Just a bit too conscientious
    3. Laptop
    I have to go to the bathroom
    There’s an app for that
    Now I need to eat a feast
    There’s an app for that too!
    Who the hell are we kidding
    Don’t look now, but I am winning!
    So busy playing ‘seek and find’
    In a game, I’ve lost my mind!
    Yet me fair companion lap dog
    Is something beautiful I use to blog
    It’s true some human needs aren’t met
    But even so, I’m addicted yet.
    (…perhaps I’m just all wet!)
    4. Tripping Up
    As I trip up the stairs
    Got caught unawares
    For again, I wasn’t thinking
    Only head in clouds-winking
    Yes, the trip is quite calm
    In this place with my balm
    Couldn’t help but imagine
    Something other than margarine
    These fleeting moments of our life
    Has us giving with our knife
    A slice of our own pie
    And I think I can fly
    This tie it’s not a literal trip
    Only a brainwave one-Hip!
    Since I can’t always afford
    The price to be adored
    Went into my woman cave
    Where I sit and behave
    And I’m bringing you my best
    Without my family crest
    Nope! It’s just solitarily me
    In this world I like to be
    And it can be weird and bizarre
    But I’m hiding every scar

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