Poem for Critique 019: The Procrastinator by Jim Scott

JimWelcome to Morgen’s Online Poetry Writing Group and the nineteenth poem submitted to this blog for feedback. This piece is by Jim Scott.

Please do comment in the section below telling us what you liked about this poem and, what if anything, the author could do to improve upon it. Thank you – it’s very much appreciated!

The Procrastinator

There’s many repair jobs I know must be done,
And every one needs me to do it.
But one key component, of which I have none,
Prevents me from starting on even but one,
For I’ve lost it and cannot renew it.

I’ve looked in my tool box and every drawer
‘Til finally I sat down and drew it
And showed every hardware and D.I.Y. store;
They just asked what I wanted one of those for
And called me a fool to pursue it.

Couple of times though I thought I had found
What could work, ‘till I started to view it.
T’was then that my mind began coming unwound,
‘Coz I saw it was oblong ….. and I needed round …..
And I realized how badly I blew it.

The job list kept lengthening day after day;
I became overwhelmed when I knew it.
Without that damn item there just was no way
I could hope to avoid this on-going delay
Before starting to work my way through it.

I tried then the oval one, even the square,
But neither could help me to do it.
The triangle may as well not have been there;
Oh! If ever I am going to start to repair
All those broken things waiting for me everywhere
It’s essential I find what seems one of a kind
Or I might be inclined to go out of my mind,
Oh! I must or I’ll bust and explode into dust,
If I just cannot get a round toowitt!


Thank you, Jim. Folks, please do comment below.

book coverJim Scott was raised in Old Shoreham in the south of England and since leaving school as soon as he was able has travelled pretty much the rest of his life covering “five continents and three oceans” (the title of his first book).  Merchant navy apprentice in India, attacked by a rattle snake on the Inca trail, farming during African insurgent war, shipwrecked in Portugal, surfing in Morocco, making dream catchers with a Mohawk shaman in Canada, battling Caribbean hurricanes, coordinating maritime search and rescue missions, commercial diving in the Mediterranean; his numerous real life adventures have inspired the dozens of true stories and scores of lyrical “songs and verses” (his third book’s title) he has written.  Now at 60, having raised three great kids, for several years as a single dad, he melds the unique experiences of an incredible life with a passion for writing and is soon to publish book 2 to complete the “Wanderings and Sojourns” trilogy (published out of sequence… a little like his wayward life has been) “On Tropical Islands and Sparkling Seas”. Jim’s website is www.wanderingsandsojourns.com.


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3 responses to “Poem for Critique 019: The Procrastinator by Jim Scott

  1. Hi Jim.

    Being picky, with an editor’s rather than poet’s hat on (because I rarely write poetry), some of the beginning apostrophes are the wrong way round. I know if you use Word that when you type the first apostrophe it makes it an opening rather than closing but if you type two together it creates both and you can delete the first one. You also have a til and till. Also ‘jobs’ are plural so I would have started with ‘There are’, and I thought tool box was one word.

    I do like rhyming poetry and while some can seem forced, this flowed nicely.

  2. Very funny poem. I enjoyed reading it. Barbara Fifield

  3. Gave me quite the chuckle. Very nice.

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